Kickstarter hit and one of my favorite games of the year so far, The Adventures of Pip, will finally find a home on the PlayStation 4. Developer Tic Toc Games has announced through PlayStation Blog that it will launch of Aug 18.

Originally, the game was only set to be released for the PC and Wii U, but fans nagged Tic Toc Games into PlayStation 4 support. The team recalls how supportive Sony was of getting the game on its platform.

We always wanted to play Pip on PS4 but we initially didn’t think it would be possible because we didn’t have dev kits. When the community spoke up and really pushed for PS4 support, we knew we at least had to try, so we added PS4 to our stretch goals. Amazingly, Sony reached out to us to assist. We were blown away by their generosity.

Adventures of Pip is an action puzzle platformer that really touches on that old-school gaming charm from the Dragon Quest and Legend of Zelda heydays. It was developed by former WayForward Technologies employees, and it shows through their craftsmanship and ability to wrap their brains around retro gaming techniques.

You can check out my full thoughts for more. Be sure to buy Adventures of Pip on the PlayStation 4 on Aug. 18.