2015 has yet another bunch of wonderful indie hits for us to behold. One such game is the last Kickstarter campaign I backed before I beat the bad habit. Adventures of Pip is a 2D platformer from former WayForward employees which takes us on a colorful quest throughout the history of pixelated gaming graphics.

Although the adventure takes place in a 32-bit inspired gaming world, our hero, Pip, is nothing more than a single pixel stuck in the scenery. His courage in the face of a princess being kidnapped breaks him free of his imprisonment, and he is granted the ability to evolve into a full blown video game character, every pixel’s dream. His 16-bit and 32-bit representations send him on a quest like those he was only able to watch from the background.

The charming sense of fun and the excellent music score from Shovel Knight composer Jake “virt” Kaufman pay homage to video games of all kinds throughout the early ages of gaming.

The Adventures of Pip is a 2D platformer which will task players with taking advantage of the different stages of evolution Pip can undergo. His single pixel body can fit into tight spaces. His 16-bit body can move with great speed not unlike Super Meat Boy, and his 32-bit body is granted a sword and is mostly used for combat.

Developer Tic Toc Games failed to secure funding its first time through the Kickstarter rounds, but a tighter and more prioritized budget allowed them to succeed the second time. The Adventures of Pip will be released on the PC, Wii U, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 in May.