Square Enix’s charming Final Fantasy Adventure remake, Adventures of Mana, will make a surprise worldwide launch on iOS and Android this week, Thursday Feb. 4.

Of course, Japan is also getting a PS Vita version that the West has been outright denied. I’d love to see the explanation behind that one. I mean, you have the programming done for a Vita version in Japan and entire translation is already completed… What’s the problem here?

The remake features entirely rearranged music from famed composer Kenji Ito, and it overhauls the original’s combat and magic system to more like the “Ring” system found in Secret of Mana and other later games in the franchise. Players can also assign fast-buttons to select their favored attacks more quickly.

The original Final Fantasy Adventure is one of my all-time favorites, and I just burned through it last year. It holds up. I’d love to give the remake a try, but not without the aid of physical buttons to push. Touch screen controls just aren’t going to get it done with this game, especially during a few boss fights that require tight precision.

Sorry, Square Enix, but the longer you hold out on the PS Vita version in the English speaking world, the more reasons I’ll have to keep going back to the Game Boy original.

Adventures of Mana launches on iOS and Android this Thursday, Feb. 4.