We’ve been waiting for Rime, the adventure game from developer Tequila Works, for a long time. It’s gone through a few changes, but it’s almost here.

Rime was announced back in September 2013, before the PlayStation 4 even launched. Since then, the title has gone from a PlayStation 4 exclusive to a multi-platform title, hitting all three consoles, as well as PC.

For gamers playing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC will be able to check the game out on May 26 for $30. If you were looking to play Rime on your new Nintendo Switch, you’ll have to wait a bit longer and pay a bit more. It’s going for $40 on Switch, and will release “shortly afterward.”

You’ve come a long way, Rime

Rime developer Tequila Works’ last notable game was the side-scrolling zombie platformer, Deadlight. That was a much simpler game that, while fun, could’ve leaned on nostalgia a bit harder as Netflix’s Stranger Things did last year. Everything we’ve seen of Rime has been a big step up from that, and we’re excited to finally see it in finished form after being in development for so long.