Gravity was a terrifying movie. Even in 2D, I ended up crushing my box of candy and spending most of the film pushed as far back in my seat as I could go, as if somehow the extra inch of distance would save me from the terror of endless space constantly threatening Sandra Bullock’s character.

Adr1ft, in development at studio Three One Zero lead by Adam Orth, is a first-person exploration game that takes place in the aftermath of a space station disaster, putting the main character in situations not entirely unlike that movie, demonstrated by the trailer that leaked this week ahead of E3.

The game uses the harsh environment of space as a smart way focus a game on exploration while retaining a constant tension that doesn’t feel totally contrived. It’s one of the indie games I’m looking most forward to right now and, from what I’ve heard from those who have tried it, one of the better arguments for all the VR headsets on the horizon. The comparisons to Gravity are obvious, though we hope it can help itself stand alone from that when it hits later this year.

Adr1ft is set to hit this year on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.