Tablets are designed for finger input — touch, swipe, prod, tap, etc. repeat. The concept, paired with amazing portability, is a paragon for consuming media, playing games and sending off the occasional email. That’s why, for a lot of people, tablets are starting to outsell the traditional tower PC; in comparison, touching and holding a small 9.7-inch screen is a more natural and intimate experience than using a mouse. But one glaring ailment still troubles tablets of all make and size: the clash of content creation and content consumption.

It’s easy enough to assemble a quick document for work or school, and some have found that tablets can be used as a complete PC replacement altogether. However, more precise, creative endeavors (drawing, painting, hand writing, etc.) can be cumbersome and frustrating. Our fingers can only be so exact, especially for those of us wielding bratwurst digits.

From the earliest records of human history, it’s been in our very nature to utilize tools, and little has changed over the thousands of years. But as we continue to move over to the digital landscape, it’s proving difficult to replace even the most archaic methods. In truth, why would a painter ditch a paint brush, or a student chuck a pen? Because of Adonit. The company has produced an entire lineup of beautifully crafted tablet accessories that makes precise input simple and easy.

Adonit offers a complete family of Jot styli that can be paired with even more amazing apps (Sketchbook Pro and NoteShelf, just to name a few). Each Jot product — Jot Classic, Jot Pro, Jot Mini, Jot Flip and Jot Touch — offers amazing precision and familiarity that would make perfect companions for any tablet owner — architects, painters, students, teachers, etc. The Pro, for example, comes equipped with a precision disc that gives users ballpoint-level accuracy. You’ll feel like you’re using pen and paper.

In education circles, Adonit’s Jot family is being employed to help soften the transition to going full on digital.

“We work at a research here at USC,” one university employee explained. “The program administrators generate mountains and mountains of paperwork, and were looking for a solution that would work with their iPads. The other styli they tried weren’t up to task )too fat and finger-painty) of day-in, day-out note taking, so they weren’t really making good use of iPads. We paired the Jot Pro with NoteShelf, and can honestly say we’re much more efficient as a team.”

It’s innovations like these — you can see the exact point the stylus hits the screen with the Jot Pro — that makes older methods easier to shelve. Human digits are good for flinging Angry Birds and swiping through a lengthy article. But their precision is nowhere near that of Adonit’s Jot family. Not even close.

The digital revolution has taken hold. Say goodbye to pens and paper. It’s about time we actually have tools that can easily supplement the tablet experience. If you’re the creative type, any one of Adonit’s beautifully crafted Jot family is the perfect complement to your next drawing, architectural vision or class notes. Experience a new dawn of productivity and creation with Jot.

This post was sponsored by Adonit.