It’s been a long time coming, but Adobe is finally shipping a hardware-accelerated version of its Flash player for Mac users that’ll offer a less resource intensive Flash experience so long as your Mac is relatively new.  The new Flash Player 10.1 will offer users a smoother playback experience, lower resource usage, and less battery drain.  Thibault Imbert took to ByteArray:

“We just pushed a few minutes ago a new version of the Flash Player containing a nice feature that was in beta until now called “Gala.”  Yes, H.264 GPU decoding in Mac OSX is now officially enabled in the Flash Player.

You should notice now a nice difference when playing H.264 content on your Mac in terms of CPU usage.  We rarely enable new features in security releases but we really wanted to enable such a cool feature.”


If you’ve got one of the following Mac models, you can pick up the latest version of Flash to take advantage of the H.264 hardware acceleration:

  • Mac Minis shipped after March 3rd, 2009.  (NVIDIA GeForce 9400M or higher GPU)
  • MacBooks shipped after Janurary 21st, 2009.  (NVIDIA GeForce 9400M or higher GPU)
  • MacBook Pros shipped after October 14th, 2008.  (Any unibody models)
  • iMacs shipped after the first quarter of 2009. (NVIDIA GeForce 9400M or higher GPU)

If you’re a lucky owner of one of the above Macs, update your Adobe Flash or download the new version of 10.1 here.  Once you do, be sure to let us know if you can notice any difference in system resources – mainly your CPU usage.