Adobe announcing its intentions to go cloud-only.

Adobe on Monday announced it's going all-digital, saying goodbye to traditional physical media to better align itself for the future. With Creative Cloud, a subscription-based service, Adobe is betting the company's entire future endeavors on cloud popularity. Rather than offering nice little retail packages, Adobe is instead making its entire Creative Suite available only through a new subscription model. Right now, the price is set at $49.99 per month.

To coincide with the news, Adobe announced a series of upgrades for products in the Suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator and Premier Pro, each of which has been affixed with CC (Creative Cloud), instead of CS. Because everything is tied to the cloud, its services are integrated, and Adobe said there will be a desktop app to help better manage the new environment.

Much of the focus isn't necessarily on cloud features—the apps are still much the same people are familiar with—but will bridge the gap between the web and standalone apps. Adobe will also begin making use of the Behance network it purchased last year, allowing users to showcase their work and get community feedback.

Adobe said the focus on cloud will allow it to bring more frequent updates to users; ditching Creative Suite gives Adobe time to work on Creative Cloud, and Creative Cloud only. With that sharpened focus the company will be able to create new experiences and make its products even more valuable. Adobe said that those in government and educational institutions will get special licenses of Creative Cloud because of components such as Behance.

Anyone who owns a license of CS3 and up can subscribe to Creative Cloud for $29.95 per month for a limited time, Adobe said.