Adidas is joining Nike in the wearable technology market. Only, instead of a device that merely tracks steps and sleep, Adidas’s new tech, which is being considered a full fledged smartwatch, is taking fitness much more seriously. This one has integrated GPS and—this is the big one—a heart-rate sensor, a piece of technology Adidas is using to give users personalized workouts. The technology-stuffed smartwatch will be available Nov. 1 for $400.

The heart-rate sensor actually gets the pulse from your wrist, and collects that information and combines it with what’s being collected by other onboard sensors. Adidas designed the product to be its own standalone device, rather than being shackled by a smartphone (ahem, Nike), for better or worse. There are features like an onboard media player, which can then be connected to wireless headphones through Bluetooth; the watch can also deliver audio training suggestions through the same method.

Adidas’ head of interactive, Paul Gaudio, said the company is attempting to make the “smartest running watch.” Of course, everything will sync up with Adidas’s miCoach fitness initiative, where thousands of fitness routines and programs are already pre-configured in the cloud.

The watch looks pretty terrific, not overly big, and is made up of the “highest quality” materials, including aluminum, magnesium and glass, according to Gaudio. The touchscreen is full color, and there is whatis essentially a home button just below the display for easier navigation.

The company said battery life will depend on what functions you’re actively using, but said average use will be around 8 hours. Since this isn’t a device designed to supplement your smartphone addiction, battery life might not be such an issue if you’re not wearing it 24/7. Still, expect to have this one on the charger quite a bit. Compared to more basic fitness trackers, Adidas has a beast on its hands (wrist?), though the $400 price tag is certainly something that stands out, and not in a good way.