Google just announced its fitness tracking platform yesterday, but it looks like the first device built specifically for Google Fit may have already leaked online. Adidas‘ new miCoach Fit Smart wristband popped up all over the Internet on Thursday, showing its face in several spots including on trademark website Trademarkia, online retailer Keller Sports and the FCC.

Based on a handful of leaked photos, it looks like the miCoach Fit Smart will feature an LED dot display on the front rather than a full LCD. There’s also a column of neon green lights on the left edge of the screen which serve an unclear purpose, though it’s probably related to either battery life or how active you’ve been. There’s also a heart rate monitor on the bottom of the gadget. According to Trademarkia, the device will record “heart rates, calories burned, time, duration, stride rate, pace, speed, distance and steps taken.” The information is then relayed to the wearer’s smartphone, and an FCC filing confirms the Fit Smart will offer Bluetooth 4.0 LTE support.

There’s no guarantee this is Adidas first Google Fit device, but given the timing of yesterday’s announcement it seems pretty likely. The search giant already confirmed Nike and Adidas are onboard, and the use of the word Fit in the device’s name is also a pretty big clue. Based on today’s leak the miCoach Fit Smart should get an official launch any day now, so it likely won’t be long before we get the full story.