Technology has made it abundantly clear that we’re out of shape. New data from research firm Canalys revealed wearable shipments are increasing, and it’s not uncommon to see some sort of activity tracker adorned on the wrist of friends, family or complete strangers. Heck, my girlfriend’s parents, who aren’t the most tech savvy people around, just hopped on the Fitbit craze. So to see a company like Adidas, famous for fitness apparel, release a fitness tracker, it’s no big surprise.

We decided to give it a shot anyhow.

The Adidas Fit Smart is more of a cuff than a petite bracelet. But the larger frame packs a whole bunch of technology. In addition to the simplicity of measuring steps, the FitSmart is capable of measuring your real-time heart rate, calories, pace / speed, distance and stride rate. If you put a paramount on physical fitness, these are the categories you need to be aware of in order to reach peak performance. It’s the kind of data that will help you push yourself beyond your usual limits.

Of course, there’s an entire software ecosystem built to integrate with the Fit Smart, allowing you to create weekly goals, training schedules, and more. The cool thing is is that there are training routines for all levels of fitness, making it accessible for everyone. Track your progress as you go, and see your 8-minute mile turn into a sub 6-minute run.

The band itself is made of a soft touch silicon strap, and features a LED matrix display. Other specs include a 200mAh battery, data memory large enough to store 10 hours of workout data, and a Mio continuous optical heart rate sensor. It’s a little larger than your average activity tracker, but, then again, the Fit Smart is promising to offer a more advanced experience.

To learn more about what the Fit Smart offers, check out Jon’s take on it above.