iOS6 Notifications

We don't know much about what iOS 6 will include just yet— except possible Facebook integration — but a new report surfaced Monday that introduces several alleged new features. iOS 6 will reportedly include Mail VIPs, iCloud Tabs and a new Notification Center "Do Not Disturb" option. iCloud Tabs allows you to view open tabs on your other iOS or Mac devices, 9to5Mac explained, and it's a feature that will make its debut in Mountain Lion and iOS 6. It reminds us a bit of how Android users with Chrome can keep their tabs and bookmarks in sync across multiple devices running the Chrome browser. Mail VIPs will put stars next to emails that are in your pre-set VIP list — that way you can quickly find an email from important feature, like your boss or significant other, for example. Finally, the Do Not Disturb Notifications Feature will allow you to turn off alerts so that you're not constantly being hit with news that it's now your turn to play Words With Friends while you're in a meeting.

9to5Mac also said that Siri will launch with iOS 6 on the iPad.

We can't wait to hear more on both iOS 6 and Mountain Lion during WWDC later this month.

[via 9to5Mac]