After picking up the Magic Mouse earlier this week, I’ve gotten used to pretty much everything.  Switching over from the Mighty Apple Mouse is like night and day.  The multitouch scrolling and flicking work flawlessly.  If there’s one thing I really miss about the Apple Mouse, it’s the third button that I used to trigger Expose.  Thankfully we’ve got workarounds.

expogesture1If you didn’t already know, each corner of your screen can be linked to trigger a number of shortcuts like Expose, Dashboard, and Spaces.  Apparently Apple has been recommending these ‘hot corners’ as a workaround for the lost functionality of the buttonless Magic Mouse.  While this may work for some, it’s much more of an inconvenience than the third button on a mouse.  If Apple would include a double tap (not click) with one or two fingers as alternative shortcuts, we wouldn’t have a problem.

The best and most convenient workaround that I’ve discovered is Expogesture.  Expogesture is an application that recognizes specific mouse movements and activates commands that have been configured to trigger upon each specific pattern.  Once you install Expogesture, you should open up System Preferences and select Keyboard.  In the Keyboard Shortcuts, set a shortcut to the application you want to trigger with a shortcut you never use.  I have no idea what ⌘I does, so I used that.  Once your keyboard shortcut is set, open up Expogesture and set ⌘I to the mouse pattern you want.  Program any other shortcuts to the remaining mouse patterns.

Until Apple pushes out a software update that allows users to configure the swiping functionality of the Magic Mouse, you’re stuck looking elsewhere to regain these time savers.  Who really uses the forward button on their browser?  I’d rather it be configurable.  Check out Expogesture and let us know what you think.  If you’ve got a better solution, we’d love to hear it.  Leave it in the comments.