Metal Gear Solid 5 development is underway, but the release is "a long way off" if a motion-capture actor is to be believed. Frequent Konami motion actor Eric Bossic just wrapped a recent motion cap session with Kojima Productions and confirmed in an interview with Silent Haven that his work will be seen in the next Metal Gear game.

Although never claiming to be working on Metal Gear Solid 5 specifically, Bossic will be returning to Kojima Studios this fall for more work.

"I am working on a future Metal Gear, not to be released until next year summer at the earliest, if not later then that. I'm doing motion capture only."

Considering the the number of Metal Gear games that have spun off into side games and unnumbered sequels in recent years, this could potentially mean any Metal Gear title; but, beyond Platinum Games' hack 'n slash spin off Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Konami has not officially mentioned any new entries in the series. Kojima has only hinted that he intends to bring back Solid Snake into the fray.

"I can 100% say my voice will not be involved in this. I don't even know what the title is, they are all very secretive and sometimes even the scenes I act out I dont even know the full story, because they want to keep it secret."

Hideo Kojima and Konami are planning a huge Metal Gear anniversary party next week in Tokyo, and a big announcement regarding the series is expected. For the longest time, many believed Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots would be the final installment in the series starring Snake because Konami hyped it so much to be the soldier's last job, but it seems the old man just can't be left in peace.

Nothing is currently known about the story, setting, state of Snake's age, or if Kojima is planning to drag us through another four year development phase. Take all the time you need, buddy. Expect more after the party on August 30th.

[via VG247]