EA has been taking a lot of flack lately as being a non-gamer friendly corporation, so it's sometimes easy to forget that they are actually second to Activision in terms of profitability. We've become so accustomed to the size of Activision that we don't even point the finger anymore, but one man is certainly happy about all its success.

In 2012, Activision filed papers with the SEC, reporting that CEO Bobby Kotick was worth $64.9 million to his company, primarily through $55.9 million stock options. Only Oracle CEO Larry Ellison pulled in more with $96.2 million to his name.

Without the stock options, Kotick received $20 million directly from his company. To put that in perspective, General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt was compensated $20.5 from his company, and EA's John Riccitiello was paid only $800,000.

With Activision's corporate figures shockingly similar to GE, one of America's largest corporations, why is it that we all still point the finger at EA again? Activision is the poster child of the AAA gaming movement, and they've done a good job of quietly deflecting that image lately