E3 2015 Tour-30

The most recent E3 trend, especially over the last few years, has been ditching the show in order to save a few bucks. Nintendo skipped their big stage presentation a few years back, EA announced that they won't have a booth this year just a few weeks ago and now Activision has signaled the same.

That's right, the maker of Call of Duty, publisher of Destiny and creator of Skylanders won't have a booth at E3 this year. Instead, they'll be occupying space with companies like PlayStation.

Activision made the announcement on their official blog.

In June, we're going to be at E3 showcasing gameplay from Infinity Ward's ambitious new game. We're looking forward to sharing exciting new details about the next great Call of Duty game in partnership with our friends at PlayStation. We're proud to be participating in this premier video game event, but won't have an Activision booth on the show floor.

Have no fear, Call of Duty still appears. A year without the game would be weird, though not something I would be really upset about. That's just me, though. The series is huge for a reason.

What do you think of the recent decisions to skip E3 booths in favor of alternative presences? Bad for E3? Good for the industry?