If you were to open up your smartphone's application store right this second and search out the original Angry Birds trilogy (Angry Birds, Seasons and Rio), you'd find that each game sells independently for around a buck. Spend three bucks, own all three.

Now, if you've been a long time reader of TechnoBuffalo, you might remember that I've often voiced my opinion when it comes to Angry Birds. I hate it.

Angry Birds continues to spread to almost every platform, every store and every network. It's everywhere. Activision, the massive games publisher behind Call of Duty, will join the effort and bring the Angry Birds Trilogy to consoles.

The kicker? They're selling the original three games (with 19 extra levels, motion control, HD graphics, cutscenes and achievements) for $40. It does not feature any of the 150+ extra levels brought in with free updates. In fact, aside from the upgrades, the Trilogy is a lesser package with a bigger price tag.

And, of course, Angry Birds Space has been left out.

$40. For three smartphone games that transitioned to bigger platforms. $40.

Will you pay $40 for three Angry Birds games on home consoles? The title drops on September 25th for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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