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Acer just unveiled two new wearable devices, but the company’s president of smartphones and wearables can’t stop thinking about his Apple Watch order. Onstage earlier on Thursday, ST Liew joked that his Apple Watch won’t arrive until next week. We thought he was kidding, since he just unveiled Acer’s own products, but he confirmed he was dead serious during an interview with TechnoBuffalo.

“Yeah, I’m getting one,” Liew said, his voice rising in excitement. “I’m getting like five of them!”

Of course, Liew isn’t just another Apple fanboy. Acer is competing directly with Cupertino for space on your wrist, and there’s nothing wrong with studying up on the competition.

“If you’re in the industry you have to learn what they do well,” he explained, adding that the Apple Watch could be a boon for the entire wearable market. “It’s good if they do a good job, it will escalate the entire industry.”

Acer’s family of Leap devices run on proprietary software and offer cross-platform support for iOS, Android and Windows devices. Liew says the company is also working on Android Wear, but for now he doesn’t think there’s any rush to dive in. The company’s first Android-powered wearable is already one-and-a-half years in the making, and it probably won’t launch until 2016 at the earliest.


“If you look at all the wearables that have been shipped to date, I think the result is not exactly exciting” he said. “I think Android Wear has a lot more legs than what it is today. We will be shipping one at some point in time, most likely next year.”

Speaking of future plans, Liew left us with one more teaser. When asked about Acer’s interest in USB-C, he said the company is already hard at work adopting the new reversible charging standard. He wouldn’t offer any specifics on what kind of device to expect, but it may not be too long before we get the full story.

“We have a very, very exciting product at the end of this year that will come with USB-C,” Liew said. “I think that’s the way to go.”