Displays always look better without bezels. That's why Acer's new 4K monitor, the BM320, is so incredibly attractive. Its "ZeroFrame" design eliminates the edges almost entirely, allowing you to immerse yourself in games and Ultra HD movies without background distractions.

The design also means you can pair multiple BM320 monitors and they'll look almost seamless, Acer says. That makes it ideal if you use two or three monitors alongside each other in your setup. It's certainly the closest you'll get to a seamless look, short of actually pulling the LCD panels out of your monitors and fixing them together with some insane hacking.

"In addition, Acer's ErgoStand lets users tilt, swivel, pivot or adjust the height of the monitor with ease, ensuring that they find the perfect viewing position effortlessly," reads Acer's press release. The BM320 also covers 100% of the Adobe RGB color gamut and boasts a 10-bit color depth.

Sadly, we don't know when the BM320 will be available yet, or how much it will cost. Acer is teasing it ahead of the Computex conference in Taipei next week when the monitor will get its official unveiling. We should know more about it then.