Looking to pickup a Chromebook for the kids? You'll want to check out the latest 11.6- and 15-inch offerings from Acer, which are designed to be robust enough for the classroom, with sturdy shells that will withstand up to 132 pounds of force.

Acer's C740 and C910 come less than three weeks after the company announced its first 15-inch Chromebook at CES, and apart from their new designs, they're very similar. They both pack the same Intel Core i3 processor and either 2GB or 4GB of RAM, and they have the same 1366×768 resolution as Acer's more affordable 15-inch offering.

The C740 is the smaller, 11.6-inch model, and it boasts a 16GB solid-state drive and up to 9 hours of battery life. The C910 has the larger, 15-inch display, as well as 32GB of solid-state storage and up to 8 hours of battery life. They don't look the same, but they both promise super strong form factors that are built to last.

The C740 is priced at $280, while the C910 is only $20 more at $280. Both will be available from next month.

It's those affordable price tags that make Chromebooks so popular among families and schools, and that's one of the reasons why more durable machines are a great idea. If you've been thinking about buying the little ones a cheap laptop, but you were worried they'd break it, perhaps one of Acer's new offerings will persuade you it's time.