There are a lot of Chromebooks on the market today, but the Acer C720 is one of our favorites. Normally this Chrome OS laptop goes for $199, but today you can grab one from Groupon for just $129, though there is a small catch

Groupon is offering a refurbished Acer Chromebook meaning it’s not quite brand new, though you probably won’t be able to tell the difference. You’ll still get the same sleek design, 11-inch display, 16GB solid state hard drive, Intel processor and 8.5-hour battery life. Groupon’s also offering a 90-day warranty of the device, and it’s worth noting that a refurbished Acer C720 currently goes for about $170 on Amazon. So you’re getting a pretty great deal from Groupon.

Chromebook’s aren’t for everyone, but if you’re looking for a cheap laptop and spend most of your time in an Internet browser, the Acer C720 is a great choice. Groupon says supplies are limited though, so if you’re interested don’t wait to take advantage of this deal.