Acer’s new gaming tablet looks… interesting. The company rounded out its Predator family on Thursday with an Android slate that could challenge the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet, though there’s still a lot we don’t know about this mysterious device.

The Predator tablet made a brief appearance onstage during Thursday’s New York event, though we still haven’t seen it actually powered on. Acer says it comes packing four front-facing speakers (one in each corner), along with a haptic feedback display. The result could be a pretty awesome gaming device, assuming the company can pull through when it comes to price and specs.

Meanwhile, the design is really a matter of taste. It’s certainly not sleek, but there’s something to be said for those red corners and the overall sci-fi style. If you don’t mind a device that turns heads, this may be the tablet for you.

We also don’t know when the Predator tablet is actually launching, though Acer repeatedly told us it would arrive in late 2015. We’re guessing it could hit stores this fall in time for the holiday shopping season. We’ll probably learn a lot more about this new device before then, and hopefully we’ll have a chance to try one out for ourselves before too long.