The Acer Aspire One Cloudbook will undercut the company’s own Chromebook offerings

The upcoming launch of Windows 10 could see Microsoft approach its fight against Chromebooks with renewed vigor. The company offered a glimpse of what’s to come on this front at its Worldwide Partner Conference, where it showcased a dirt-cheap Windows 10 notebook from Acer.

The device in question is called the Acer Aspire One Cloudbook and will be available in mid-August. It was further revealed that the notebook will be available in 11- and 14-inch sizes, with prices starting at $169. Although the exact specs aren’t known at this stage, it’s perhaps safe to say that whatever’s in there is unlikely to set the world on fire.

At that price point, the forthcoming device’s base variant will be a good $30 cheaper than the least expensive Chromebook from Acer’s own stable. (Note: The latter isn’t available yet, but should go on sale very soon.) And to think this is the same company that usually takes great pride in its dominance of the Chromebook segment.

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