Acer Cloud Mobile

Acer is allegedly preparing to launch a single Windows Phone 8 device and five new Android smartphones next year, according to a recent report by the not-always-reliable DigiTimes. Thankfully, The Register said that it has independently confirmed Acer’s plans, which adds a bit more legitimacy to the projection. Acer will include dual-core processors built by Qualcomm in its high-end devices. Most of today’s premium Android smartphones offer quad-core processors, but Windows Phone 8 will finally provide support for dual-core chips.

We doubt we’ll see Acer’s smartphones end up in the United States, since U.S. carriers don’t typically offer them, but it’s possible the company will sell unlocked models here. DigiTimes said Acer will increase its focus on emerging smartphone markets, including India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

Unfortunately, we don’t know what other specifications Acer will include in the devices. It would be wiser, we think, to push the phones out before the holiday season to compete with the iPhone 5, Windows Phone 8 devices from Nokia and HTC and a fresh crop of Android smartphones.

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