Acer is joining the ever-expanding activity tracking market, announcing a new €79 “OS agnostic” wearable that supports iOS, Android and even Widows Phone. Dubbed Liquid Leap+ Smart Activeband, Acer’s new device is similar in execution and style to other big wearables on the market, designed to track steps, running distance and calories burned.

The Leap+ is itself a small dongle that sports a 1-inch OLED touchscreen, which can then be strapped to different rubberized bands, including black, pink and green options. The whole package is rated at IPX7 water-resistance, so you’ll be able to take it out into the rain or even on a quick shred down at the beach. Typical—and expected—features for today’s top activity trackers.

In addition to simple activity tracking capabilities, the Leap+ also allows users to easily control their music, while notifications will also beam onto the device’s screen. All you need to do is download the Acer Leap Manager app, and sync through Bluetooth 4.0 low energy. It’s unclear what kind of battery life users should expect, but hopefully we’re looking at a few days (minimum) before needing a charge.

No U.S. availability has been announced, though overseas markets will be able to pick the device up beginning in March.