Acer unloaded a ton of new products during an event in New York City on Thursday, but one clear standout is the new Leap Curve wristband. This sleek new wearable packs a curved OLED display and powerful health tracking sensors, for what should be a pretty reasonable price.

We got an exclusive chance to check out the Leap Curve in person — most units at the event were behind glass. Acer tells us it only has a few working units on hand at the moment. The new wearable is still in production and will launch in late spring or early summer this year for a little over $100. The near-final prototype seemed to work pretty well, though it was missing a few finishing touches.

The curved OLED display seems limited to black and white images, though that should help with battery life. Tapping twice on the screen turns it on, and you can check the usual types of notifications. On its underside, the device features an optical heart rate sensors and a gold-plated galvanic skin sensor, which measures the amount of sweat you produce. Combined, they should be able to measure your stress levels, even sending you a quick notification if you become too stressed out.

Acer also took the opportunity to unveil the Leap Fit, which offers a similar experience without the curved display for under $100 and will launch this spring. Both devices run on the company’s own software, with cross-platform support for iOS, Android and Windows.

It’s unclear when or if any of these devices will make it to the U.S., though we’ll let know as soon as Acer shares any more details. For now you can check out some photos of the Leap Fit and last year’s Leap Active with new swappable wristbands below.