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On Wednesday during IFA 2015 in Berlin, Acer announced a number of new products such as tablets, phones, and laptops. One of the more interesting items currently on display is the latest edition to its Revo series of mini PCs, the Revo Build M1-601. This device follows the Revo One mini PC thatlaunched during CES 2015 back in January.

What makes the Revo Build unique is that it’s modular, allowing customers to stack components like building blocks instead of cramming them into a single chassis. These blocks communicate with each other using pogo pins that have a magnetic component. That means customers won’t have to hassle with wires when switching out components.

“The Blocks can also work independently or with other PCs,” Acer says. “The Revo Build M1-601 desktop is packaged in a tiny 1 liter chassis with a 125 x 125 mm footprint that takes up minimal space and can be placed almost anywhere.”

Acer Stackable PC-2

The Revo Build consists of a base block that plays host to the motherboard, an Intel Pentium or Intel Celeron “Skylake” processor, Integrated Intel HD graphics, and memory configurations of up to 8GB of DDR4 RAM. The company says the memory can be upgraded by simply “loosening” one screw.

Acer says it also plans to release 500GB and 1TB hot-swappable portable hard drives at launch, plus a Wireless Power Bank block, an Audio Block with speakers, and a microphone sometime thereafter.Additional reports state that the company is also releasing a GPU block and a projector block.

Unfortunately, the company hasn’t said when or if the Revo Build will be released in the United States, although the American arm of Acer made the announcement. For now, the unit will ship in October across EMEA and have a starting price of €199. The device will then head to China in December with prices starting at ¥1,999.

Pricing for the additional blocks is unknown as yet.

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