Project Aces is bringing Ace Combat Infinity exclusively to the PlayStation 3 as a downloadable only title. The teaser site set up by Namco Bandai has revealed the game's title and shown off a small bit of story in the first trailer.

Meteors come crashing down on our planet in 2019, leveling many populated cities all across the globe. Governments get angry, tensions rise and a catastrophic war will ensnare the world as its people suffer amongst the wreckage.

The map revealed in the teaser suggests that this is taking place in the real world, and not the beloved fictional setting, Strangereal, found in the original games. However, the Call of Duty grit and grime found in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is nowhere to be found, and the clean slick style from the originals ooze off the planes and city skylines. Gorgeous!

The plot itself does not work in Strangereal, seeing as it the exact same plot from Ace Combat 04, but the new futuristic setting will allow some freedom in technology. Giant lasers will not be blasting asteroids from the sky, but futuristic planes and themes of a post-apocalypse ring true to older entries.

I doubt we will be returning to Strangereal for a few more games, until Namco Bandai realizes it is angering its fans at least, but I think I can settle with a nice mixture of the old and new for a while. I'm praying as such because the older series has such a beautiful lore and feel to it, and I would love to see it make a comeback.

The announcement also gives me hope that both Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies and Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War might be released as PlayStation 2 Classics in the coming months.

The other teaser site Project Aces created is indeed for the 3DS and has 16 hours left on its countdown clock until the reveal. It currently looks like a crossover game with the Famicom and Shonen Jump Magazine. More on that as it comes.

With Ace Combat Infinity's timely release, it seems that I have one more game to add to my backlog before upgrading the PlayStation 4. These exclusives are dragging out this console's lifespan, but for the first time, I don't particularly mind. Keep them coming Sony, I'm in no rush to upgrade anytime soon.

Namco Bandai will be releasing the game on Sept. 25 as a PlayStation Network exclusive.