The majestic Ace Combat Infinity looks better and better with each passing gallery and trailer released by Namco. This could be the most gorgeous and exciting free-to-play game yet for the console crowd.

The 21 new screenshots and gameplay trailer show off development team Project Aces giving a go at the online multiplayer mode. Online aerial dogfights have made several attempts at breaking into the gaming world in the past, but still have yet to find a consistently popular formula like one found in first-person shooters.

Even past Ace Combat games haven’t quite nailed the online portion of their games.

Project Aces has always traced a thin line between arcade action and simulator authenticity when approaching each Ace Combat game. No other series has ever come so close to pulling off the perfect online flight combat everyone can enjoy. Could this be the one to finally get it right?

Beyond the exciting gameplay, each new map shows off more of the impressive landscapes and cityscapes that the series has always been widely praised for. The city lights of Dubai have never looked more beautiful at night with the planes soaring and exploding overhead. It’s almost romantic.

Some might doubt the free-to-play model capable of delivering high quality games, but Namco is out to prove them wrong.  SoulCalibur, Ridge Racer, and Ace Combat make up three of its most popular franchises, and dedicating them to the new model has Namco taking a huge leap in setting a new standard in game delivery.

The Japanese beta test is set to run from Nov. 7 to 13, and the release date on all shores shouldn’t be much longer after that. Ace Combat Infinity is a PlayStation 3 exclusive and will be only available digitally.