I’m a huge fan of Bandai Namco’s Ace Combat series, and that comes with the baggage of it not exactly living up to standards in recent years. Fear not, because there’s still hope for a better future! An update from the free-to-play Ace Combat: Infinity suggests that developer Project Aces could be ready to get back to business with another numbered entry in the series.

Ace Combat 7? Could this be real? An update on the Ace Combat: Infinity servers seems to indicate so with a reference to a reveal trailer popping up at PlayStation Experience next week, Dec. 5 and 6. DualShocker’s translation also points out that the update refers to the trailer reveal in the past tense, meaning that players were not supposed to be reading this update until afterwards.

It could be nothing, but it could be everything! Fans of the series have struggled to find comfort since its heyday on the PlayStation 2, back when Ace Combat 04 and Ace Combat 5 were genuine masterpieces of the genre. The rise of HD gaming hasn’t been kind to the series as it struggled to keep up with Call of Duty and other war themed games.

Ace Combat 6, which was a traditional, story-focused entry, was met with middling praise and low sales early in the Xbox 360’s lifetime. Since then, Ace Combat: Assault Horizon attempted to give it a grittier look like Call of Duty, and Ace Combat: Infinity experimented with a free-to-play method that severely crippled the narrative half of Ace Combat’s normal formula. Neither went over very well with fans or mainstream audiences.

As a fan, I’m hoping for the return of a single player Ace Combat game if this pans out to be true. Nothing but freedom of the skies, lock-on missiles, over-the-top sci-fi storytelling in the original universe, and the ability to play without relying on “fuel.” I guess we’ll find out next week if Bandai Namco’s own rumor about its own series proves to be true.

PlayStation Experience takes places next week on Dec. 5 and 6.