The latest Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies English trailer introduces the protagonists’ latest colorful legal opponent, Prosecutor Simon Blackquill.

As if his name does not paint him as being a totally evil person, then perhaps the fact that he himself is serving a prison sentence does.

Yes, the warped legal world of the Ace Attorney universe allows inmates to act as prosecuting attorneys as well. Given the outlandish history of the series, I won’t object too much. After all, Phoenix Wright has done battle with a dominatrix on the opposing stand before, and this guy is at least restrained by his chains.

Not that it matters, as he brings pet hawk with him to court to attack the defense lawyers for him. He is filled with the same intimidating charisma Phoenix Wright’s previous opponents have all possessed, able to intimidate the feeble judge and use confusing logic to trap his opponents.

He looks like a real show stopper and fits wonderfully in the universe.

Beyond that, the writing, sound effects, character animations, and facial expressions all fall in line with the classic series we know and love. If there is any series out there right now which carries on the torch of the Capcom we used to love from days of yore, it’s Ace Attorney.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies will be released as a downloadable only game on the Nintendo 3DS sometime this fall. Enjoy a batch of new screenshots in the gallery below as well.