Capcom knows what's up. Frustration is teeming at failing localizations these days, and it wants nothing to do with that. Ace Attorney 6 was revealed to be in development just yesterday, and today, the company confirmed that the game is indeed coming to the West.

Capcom confirmed the English translation with ShackNews.

"Ace Attorney 6 (working title) will be coming to the west. We'll have more information on the Western release soon."

Thanks, Capcom. Much obliged. The waiting game for localizations is really stressful these days.

As for the game's setting, the game will star Phoenix Wright as he travels away from Japan to a fictional country filed with spirits and ghosts. Of course, while on his haunted vacation, he unwittingly gets pulled into a supernatural court case. Perhaps Maya will be making a long overdue return to the series, but Siliconera's Famitsu scan reveals two new potential sidekicks: a priest in training named Bokuto Tsuani and another mysterious woman clipped at the bottom.

Either way, the game is coming to the States, and that is all that matters. I won't get my hopes up for The Great Ace Attorney because I know it's not going to happen, but at least we're getting one of them.

More information is bound to pop upas Capcom makes it available. Ace Attorney 6 will be for the Nintendo 3DS.