Ace Attorney 6

Capcom has announced the next game in its popular lawyer simulator, Ace Attorney, with a return to the main numbered franchise. Ace Attorney 6 is real and for the Nintendo 3DS, as confirmed by Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, and it will be playable at Tokyo Game Show 2015 in some capacity.

So far, the only details we have are that the game will feature a new mechanic which allows for faster gameplay. Because who needs to sit through all that story in a game based entirely on a story?

No details on who the game will star, but my guess is that we will be jumping back into the main timeline with Phoenix Wright and the rest of the characters present in Ace Attorney 5: Dual Destinies. Despite wrapping up its own story, Phoenix Wright still has much work to be done erasing the “Dark Age of Law” he returned out of retirement to.

And, he’s in the logo, people! Sounds like a sequel to me!

And my gut is telling me we will be seeing this one. The last game, the historically based The Great Ace Attorney, remains unlocalized, but I never had faith in Capcom getting around to it. It doesn’t have a perfect track record with “spin-offs” for the franchise, and Japanese companies these days tend not to localize games that require an intimate knowledge of Japanese history to understand. Crummy excuse, but it has been made before.

Think of it like how SEGA treats the Yakuza games and why we’ll never see the samurai age spin-offs.

However, with an entry in the official, main series, I doubt Capcom will be letting us down. It did right by localizing Dual Destinies as well as the original trilogy remasters, and it will do its fanbase right here.

Now, we just have to wait for TGS 2015. I’ll throw this on the list of games to play while exploring the floor on Sept. 17-18. The gallery below is of Dual Destinies.