With the inclusion of the 3D models, the original trailer for Ace Attorney 5 looked rather jarring with the character's mouths moving and no voice coming out. The blips and bloops might have worked with the GBA quality sprites from the original series, but there's no way Capcom could have pulled that off with this level of animation.

But that concern is now but a mere thought in the past as Siliconera reports, translating through Japanese magazine Nintendo Dream, that the game will feature a fully voiced cast. Although a live action film and crazy Takarazuka Review musical interpretation already exist, this will be the first time the games series to feature fully voiced dialogue outside of the occasional "Take that!" and "Objection!"

The article also stresses the importance of the game's writers and how difficult it was to bring Phoenix Wright back as the main protagonist after nearly a decade of being a minor character or even failing to show up. Gamers, especially Japanese ones, are much more in touch with prosecuting attorney rival Miles Edgeworth these days as he has taken the reigns in his own side series for the last few entries.

Phoenix's new lady sidekick Kokone Kizuki is also given a little light with focus put on her emotion reading ability.

Capcom has already confirmed that the game will be getting an American release, so it's only a matter of time before we get a cast list. Any bets on video game and anime voice actor Steven Blum getting the role of Miles Edgeworth? I'll give you good odds.

Ace Attorney 5 is planned for a Japanese release somewhere in 2013. The American and European release will follow after.

[via Siliconera]