Jesse Pinkman, otherwise known by his real-life name Aaron Paul, will reportedly appear alongside Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey in The Dark Tower. The film was only just announced and it sounds like casting is quickly being wrapped up so production can get underway.

When talking to Yahoo! Movies, Paul pretty much confirmed he’ll appear in the movie. “I think being in Dark Tower would be pretty cool,” Paul said. He followed that up by saying his next project would, in fact, be Dark Tower.

“I’m kidding,” Paul said. “Or am I?”

Paul later said that he actually spoke to Stephen King about it directly, further hinting his involvement. Now that things are getting underway, it’s looking like he’ll have a part to play though it’s unclear what his role will be.

Ever since he appeared in Breaking Bad, Paul has taken on cult status as the foul-mouthed Jesse Pinkman. So will he be in The Dark Tower? Yes, he will. Or maybe not. Probably.