Star Wars - Dark Forces

Holy moley, here comes my nerdy gaming childhood. Good Old Games has announced that it's dubbing January the month of Star Wars games.

Starting today, we have six Star Wars games featured on the service. Dark ForcesBattlefront II and Knights of the Old Republic II have all been discounted by 20 percent. X-Wing AllianceGalactic Battlegrounds Saga and X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter (the holy grail!) are all now available on GOG.

These games defined my youth as both a budding Star Wars dork and lover of video games. Especially Dark Forces and X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter. I can't even begin to explain how much free time I sunk into those two games growing up. Seeing them on GOG has way too much nostalgia flowing in.

The even better news? GOG has announced that six more games will be featured on Thursday of this week and more coming next week. Hooray.