Josef Fares, the director of the 2013’s Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, first showed off A Way Out back in 2014, though at that time it didn’t have a title just yet. After EA’s E3 show, though, it might just be the most interesting thing coming out of the company right now. Most of what Electronic Arts showed off was known ahead of time. Battlefront debuted at the Star Wars Celebration, and Need for Speed Payback got its debut a week ago. EA Sports games are mostly annual affairs. A new game from the guy who made one of my favorite games, though, that’s a pleasant surprise.

A classic story

A Way Out is a cooperative adventure focusing on two men, Vincent and Leo, breaking out of prison. The game can be played online or locally, but Fares says that “to get the full experience and feel, we want you and your friend to play it on your couch.” It sounds like this game is going to be a two-player-only experience with no option to go it alone.

It also sounds like the entire gameplay experience will be split screen, as well, even if you do hop online to play it, as it emphasizes showing both characters working at the same time.

The two-player only gameplay could push some people away from the game, but I’m happy to see EA offering up something unique among all the expected (and exciting!) games.

I still regret not putting Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons on my “Best of 2013” list. It’s safe to say I’m excited to see anything coming from director Josef Fares, one of the few creators who has successfully made the jump from cinema to video games while still making high-quality stuff. A Way Out hits PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in early 2018 as part of the EA Originals program.