You love to bike and you love your Galaxy Tab. How do you combine those two love affairs into one? The Samsung Galaxy bicycle of course!

Samsung has announced (no really, Samsung announced) the “ultimate way to transport the Galaxy Tab 10.1,” a bicycle made by 14 Bike Co with a built-in holder for the tablet.

From the press release:

The stunning hand built steel frame pedal bike boasts a striking custom paint job exposing sleek black paint on one side and cool white paint on the opposite, reflecting the colours the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is available in. The detachable Tab holder positioned in the triangular frame is made from quality Carbon fibre featuring the same Carbon specification used on F1 cars and has a fantastic strength to weight ratio. This means the holder is light yet robust – making it perfect for moving your Tab 10.1 with ease and in style.

Accessible from the side, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 holder allows for the device to be used easily whilst on the move. Applications such as dashboards tracking mileage, route planners and repair instructions for punctures, can be downloaded from the Android Marketplace to enhance everyday cycling routes or more adventurous trips – a handy addition for any cyclist.

I’m a biking fan, but this is one tablet accessory I can’t quite see the functionality of. Besides the fact that I would be concerned I was going to lose my tablet throughout my ride (either by it falling off or a thief passing by snatching it), I don’t actually see a situation where I could successfully use a Galaxy Tab while operating a bicycle.

No pricing information for the bike has been released; however, my guess is you’ll pay a bit of a premium for the “luxury” or toting your tablet around on your bike frame.

What do you think? Is the Galaxy bicycle a good idea?

[via Engadget]