Who doesn’t like to listen to a little bit of music as they work or study?  Over the past few years streaming music sites have popped up like weeds all over the Internet, but sometimes you just want to sit back, set the “station” and let the site do the rest of the work for you.  We’ve rounded up eight streaming radio options that take you out of the equation beyond the choice of picking what type of music you want to hear.

AOL Radio

AOL Radio is part of the aging AOL brand, but is actually powered by CBS Radio.  It features all of the usual main genres of music, top charts and more to keep you entertained.

aol radio


Grooveshark lets you just pull up an artist if you choose, but if you want to branch out from there, just click the “Radio” button and it will start building a station for you to go through.



Last.fm will let you enter a band name or a specific song and create a station of music with similar suggestions for you to play through.



Live365 is made up of thousands of streaming radio stations created by individuals that cover just about every genre available.  Seriously, we challenge you to not find at least one station that fits your tastes.



Considering that Pandora is making its way even into cars these days it is bordering on being an actual radio option as opposed to just something you listen to on your computer.  You can also access the service from phones, Roku, Sonos and more.  If you aren’t familiar with the concept by now, you enter a band or song into the system, and using the Music Genome system it comes up with more songs that are similar to what you chose.  Great way to find new music or just fill your life with what you already love.



SHOUTcast is owned by AOL, but it allows anyone to set up their own streaming radio station so you can find a pretty diverse selection of stations to listen to.



Slacker offers up a wide selection of pre-set radio stations that you can listen to on a number of different mobile phone platforms as well as your computer.



While StreamFinder isn’t a streaming radio source in and of itself, it helps you locate thousands of streaming music site from around the Web.