If there's one place that's just as secretive as the Apple camp, it's the Foxconn factories that assemble the Cupertino company's latest products. It's not often we see photos taken from inside the Foxconn factory, and videos are even rarer. But this exclusive clip from reporter Rob Schmitz provides us with the first ever peek at Apple's iPad assembly process.

Schmitz filmed the clip at the Shenzhen factory for the radio show Marketplace, and he's only the second reporter to get access to Foxconn's floors. The video begins by showing the first step in the iPad assembly line, which is adding buckles to its motherboard. It then moves on to show the motherboard and other components being built into the iPad's aluminum housing, then display installation, and then gyroscope and screen testing.

Workers on these lines are paid just $14 per day when they first start, but over time that doubles. It doesn't seem like much to you and I, but as Schmitz reports, hundreds of workers line up each day in the hope of securing a job at Foxconn. While the job might be boring and mundane, Foxconn is considered to be one of the best factories to work at. It invests in athletics fields and gyms for its workers, and it pays them on time — unlike most other factories in China.

You may think that your iPad is built mostly by machines, but it's surprising how many hands are needed to put it together. The clip above is well worth a watch if you're interested in how your iPad was born.

[via Business Insider]

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