A sequel is moving forward for this year’s surprise, blockbuster and enthralling horror thriller A Quiet Place. Paramount announced the news at CinemaCon, continuing the unexpected success for the movie.

Costing a minuscule $17 million, A Quiet Place made some big noise in its opening weekend, nabbing $50 million on its way to total domestic cume of $134 million so far. It seemed like a no-brainer some sort of sequel or prequel for the movie would get greenlit and now it has. The attention is shifting to whether the original cast will return for it, which consisted of John Krasinski (who also directed the horror flick) and Emily Blunt.

Making the movie such a success was its high-concept approach to horror. Instead of relying on standard horror tropes, it instead utilized the silence that is required of the family to survive to ramp of angst and build up tension. The end result was a truly entertaining horror movie.

The news of movie was just a preliminary announcement and no details of what the sequel will revolve around were announced. One thing that is clear is that it will not be connected in any way to the Cloverfield movies as many have theorized.

About the only news we have of the sequel is a statement made by screenplay writers Bryan Woods and Scott Beck who said there’s still plenty of material leftover to make a sequel. Beyond that the cast, script and release date is still up in the air.