Phone mounts need to grip your phone or tablet firmly enough to feel secure, but also need to detach easily enough so that it's not a hassle to actually get to your phone. And it doesn't hurt if the mount looks pretty (ie, not clunky) too. The Neutron S Phone and Tablet Mount ($19.99, 33% off, in the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store) is a looker – and it works better than your current phone mount (we promise).

Utilizing 3M high-strength, double-sided acrylic foam VHB tape, your mount will grip confidently to your device's surface, allowing the precision-machined, fully-shielded magnets to do their thing. Attach one side to your device, connect it to the mount and you'll have a firm hold that doesn't diminish with time, dust or dirt (or extreme temperatures, either).

Even with its rock-solid functionality, the Neutron S mount is just as brilliant for how subtly it blends with your car's interior. Measuring less than inch in any direction, the magnet is barely noticeable when your phone isn't attached. It works like a champ when in use and visually fades away when it's not – what more could you ask for?

You can pick up the Neutron S Phone and Tablet Mount in either black or space grey varieties – and at 33% off the regular price, you'll have a perfect combination of form and function.