Nintendo Land - 1

Today, Nintendo announced an all new game experience for their Wii U called Nintendo Land.

Nintendo Land is a theme park based on all the classic Nintendo games. In classic Nintendo fashion, Nintendo Land is all about mini-games. Your Mii visits theme park and will be suited with a new costume for each attraction.

Katsuya Eguchi, creator of Animal Crossing, Wii Sports, and Wii Sports Resort. Took the stage to talk about this new Nintendo experience. He also announced 5 of the 12 games that Nintendo Land will offer, and that will be playable on the E3 floor. These 5 games are:

Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest, Luigi's Ghost Mansion and Animal Crossing which are multiplayer, and Takamaru Ninja Castle and Donkey Kong which are single player.

With Nintendo Land, Nintendo really wants the player with the Gamepad to have a unique experience. They demoed this idea with gameplay from Luigi's Ghost Mansion. 

This announcement capped off Nintendo's E3 2012 briefing.