The elevator pitch for Seaman, the legendary Dreamcast game, is a weird one: talk to an angry fish until it turns into a frog and leaves you. The game should never have existed in the first place, let alone gotten a sequel. Now the creator, Yoot Saito, appears to be working on a new Seaman title.

The “Don’t Panic!” exclamation on the back of the team’s shirts is Seaman‘s tagline, and the shirts point to a new site, The site has a simple “Under Construction” image that features Seaman in his frog form.

Talking to our electronics used to be a novelty

When Seaman hit the Dreamcast back in 2000, the idea of talking to our electronics and having them understand us was a novelty. It worked surprisingly well, but it was still extremely primitive. These days, we talk to our phones constantly, and even our televisions and game consoles have the capability.

In addition to tweeting about Seaman, Saito has been tweeting about artificial intelligence, as well – also suggested by the web address. It sounds like machine learning could play a big role in whatever it is Saito is working on. It’s unlikely it will be a console release, though. I’d guess more likely we’ll see some kind of mobile app/game.

Still, it’s cool to see this weird, quirky game kicking around after all these years.