In the immortal words of Dr. Ian Malcolm, “Life finds a way.” Well, in this case, it’s the Internet further proving that it won’t be stopped in getting exactly what it wants. Not even a week after the popular Pokémon tracker Pokevision was taken down, another one has risen in its place.

Smart Poke V2 bypasses all restrictions used on previous trackers and works directly through Google Maps. A quick install and the use of a PTC account is all you’ll need to get it up and running, and like the previous trackers, this one works just fine.

Maybe even better. Smart Poke V2 allows for filters to stop the Zubats and Rattatas from clogging up the map, and the app even operates when closed, showing in your notifications bar exactly what Pokémon are around and how long you have to get them.

As soon as I installed it, I found a Dragonair two blocks from my house. It was in the “nearby” menu, but without this app, I would never have had a chance finding that exact location. Sorry if you think that’s cheating, but I spent all afternoon toying with it. Guess what, I had far more fun with this than I would have wandering around hoping to randomly stumble on something that wasn’t a Pidgey.

A phone, a bike, a hat. It felt like my first genuine hunt where I actively sought out Pokémon rather than passively play while I walked to the train station and back. I got out of my apartment, found new places in my city, interacted with other people playing, nearly got hit by a car, and got a great farmer’s tan on my arms. All just like the game intended.

It’s a fine substitute so far. Just a reminder though that this wouldn’t be necessary if the game’s own tracking problems didn’t hinder the experience. Once the game is fixed, I’ll no longer be needing this.