I’m not generally one for video game character figurines, as probably evidenced by my lack of enthusiasm for amiibo, but I’m finding this Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds rendering of Link a bit difficult to look away from.

For one thing, A Link Between Worlds introduced us to my favorite inception of the classic character in a long time, a perfect blend between “old” and “new.” And secondly, just look at it! Designer Figma nails every last square millimeter of the character with excellent color, facial expressions, and recreation of Link’s iconic items.

This figurine comes in two different molds, a standard edition and a deluxe edition that comes with a small selection of items and enemies from the game. Both packages come equipped with the Master Sword,a Hylian Shield, the stand, two facial expressions, the figurine itself, and a 2D Link for when he plasters himself into a wall. The deluxe package also includes a hookshot, bomb, Tornado Rod, ruppee, and clay pot.

Buyers in Japan will be able to purchase Link at the Good Smile Company Online Shop, and international buyers can look into the company’s international store and partners. The standard edition will set buyers back 5,000 yen (~$42.50) and the deluxe set clocks in only a little bit more at 6,000 yen (~$51).