Roughly a month ago, Google launched “A Google a Day,” a site specifically built to give your search engine skills a test. Users are prompted with a daily search engine task as Google dishes out a solveable piece of trivia. You’ll take to the Google search bar in the site and try to solve the puzzle presented.

It’s good, albeit extremely nerdy, fun. And we celebrate this entirely awesome search engine game during Google’s special event this week, Google I/O 2011. I’ll be frank, as the video games writer for the site, I was charged with connecting Google to gaming in an editorial fashion. Well, aside from the games on the Android Marketplace, I find myself at a loss. Those games, you see, are a hodgepodge of outside developed work. Google’s not done much to unify them beneath a single Game Center banner like Apple has, so I’ve elected to consider them products outside of the scope of Google.

And there’s not Google Gaming division like you’d find Google TV. Boy, that would have helped my efforts in coming up with a topic here. Maybe something of that nature will come out during Google I/O. About a year ago, it was being rumored that Sony and Google were in talks to make Google Chrome the official web browser of the PS3. What with the PSN completely down and all, it’s sort of hard to get excited for a network feature that may eventually come some day in the future. But, still, I’d love to see a browser as powerful as Chrome on my home console.

I digress. If you’re looking to game with Google, A Google a Day is a great place to start. It’s goofy, it’s silly, but it’s seriously challenging. And, if you want to go back and solve the questions posted on days before this one, Google has created a time warp version of itself for everyday. So, you won’t stumble upon the answers to each day’s trivia question written in blogs after-the-fact. You’re searching an internet frozen in time. Which is, in itself, extremely creepy.

Hooray Google!