The Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to make its way into an era the MCU has yet to explore: World War I.

As Marvel concludes Phase 3 of its MCU with Avengers: Endgame, the focus is slowly turning to what its plans are beyond the climactic battle with Thanos. We’ve heard of a few projects that are in the works, but now we know that one of those movies will at least briefly take place during World War I.

According to a report from Italian newspaper il Saviglianese, a Marvel movie will film scenes at the Racconigi castle in April and May of 2019. Marvel is expected to film two movies next year, Black Widow and The Eternals, which are the two likeliest movies for which the scenes will be for. 

If Marvel plans to film them for Black Widow, it’s likely they’ll be part of flashback sequences. As for The Eternals, the main characters for that movie are as the title suggests, eternal. If they show up in WWI, it’d be understandable.

Marvel, per usual, has been radio silent about the development of the two movies.