Well back in the spring of this year, we had the chance to ride to PAX East in Boston, MA. It was there that two of us here at TechnoBuffalo played a bit of A Fistful of Gun. We actually really, really enjoyed it.

The game now has a release date alongside a brand new trailer. A Fistful of Gun arrives on the PC by way of Steam on Sept. 24, 2015. If you pre-order the game, you’ll actually get it at 25 percent off its standard cost. It will sell for $12.99.

You can read our full impressions from the show here, but this sums up what we liked about it from that preview.

With just three players in the game simultaneously (up to nine are supported), the action got out of hand fast. I had a hard time keeping track of where all the bullets were coming from, but the short level design made dying a little less punishing and often hilarious. Environmental hazards and wild animals are just as deadly as opposing enemies in these scenarios.

Adding even more wildness to the game is the upgrade system. This allows you to use all the whiskey you’ve collected from slain enemies to select new enhancements between levels from a randomly generated list. As long as you stay alive, these upgrades continue to carry over. Penetrating bullets, riding on horseback for faster movement and a free hit point, x1000 damage multiplier, and explosive ammo: they’re all game.

This one was a lot of fun with a small group. I’ll be snapping it up for sure.