Jon takes us on a little journey here through the third version of the iPhone OS 4 beta software.  From my impressions, OS 4 is really bringing a lot of stuff to the table that should have been on the iPhone for ages.  Here's a rundown of what we have to look forward to thus far.

Icon Groups – This wasn't only needed, but it means that Apple can sell you even more apps.  Don't kid yourself, that's really why this is happening.

iphone os 4Multitasking – Whatever Apple's reasoning was for holding this back for so long will probably always remain a mystery, but least its finally here, and from Jon's example in this video, it appears to work pretty well.

Orientation Lock – I really have no clue why this took so long to figure out that people would want this.  I doubt it was a really difficult thing to figure out technically, but yet here we are finally getting it in the fourth iteration of the software.  Makes no sense, but at least it is finally happening.

Wallpapers – Wallpapers have been a staple of computing for decades now, why the iPhone took until 2010 to get this feature is another one of these no-brainer moments.

Widgets – Hmm, this could be intriguing and/or overwhelming depending on how many of them they release.  Do you really want to scroll sideways through a bunch of them?  In that case wouldn't be easier just to open the app it relates to?

This really seems to be coming together, and the June release we are all guessing out seems a bit more real each day, but notice we are all getting excited over features that should have already been staples of this popular product.  Honestly, I've taken to calling iPhone OS 4 the "Hey, we're finally getting this right!" release.  So many nifty new features, but also features that should have existed for ages now.